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of SCF Network

SCF network is a submarine cable of about 3,000 km connecting 13 islands in the Eastern Caribbean with 14 landing points: Trinidad, Grenada, St Vincent, St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Baillif (Guadeloupe), Jarry (Guadeloupe ), Antigua, St Kitts, St Barth, St. Martin, St. Croix, Puerto Rico. It is the latest submarine network in the region and its ring architecture provides best-in-class resiliency. Furthermore, various SCF swap agreements with other submarine fiber networks of the Caribbean, contributes to improved protection and restoration of the branches or omnibus sections. Its overall diversity scheme makes SCF the most reliable network of the Eastern Caribbean Region. In St. Croix, the SCF network interconnects with the MAC network (Mid Atlantic Crossing) Level 3, connecting Miami and New York in a ring self-healing architecture. SCF network can also provide capacity for services to Europe including Paris thanks to the AC-1 and AC-2 networks (Atlantic Crossing).

The SCF network is the most cost effective and completely redundant “one-stop shop” method of wholesale connection throughout the Caribbean Region.

For connections to other regions of the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe, SCF has interconnection capabilities with a wide diversity of strategic partners.

SCF architecture is based on two main legs :

  • On the omnibus leg connecting Trinidad to St-Croix and Puerto-Rico, the SCF network is a repeaterless submarine cable system composed of 4 to 8 fibres pairs depending on the segment, representing about 2,100 Km of cable based on a Alcatel Submarine Networks turnkey solution.
  • On the Express leg linking Barbados to St-Lucia and St-Croix the Antilles Crossing network is a repeated submarine cable systems composed of 2 fibres pairs representing about 900 Km of cable based on a Tyco turkey solution.

At the transmission layer, they use DWDM technology from Alcatel 162XLM platform or Ciena 6500 platforms.

The service layer is mainly based on multiservice platforms 1660SM and 1678MCC from Alcatel Lucent and 6500 from Ciena.

Maintenance of the system is provided via the Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement (ACMA) under a long term service agreement.

“ 3,000 km connecting 13 islands in the Eastern Caribbean... ”